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About Us...

Nostalgia Publishing is a family owned and operated business founded with the goal of creating the most comprehensive, luxuriously presented keepsake books in the world.

In 2001, while working on our keepsake book, When You Were Born, we came up with the idea for When We First Met and When We Were Married.

We then conducted a survey by asking hundreds of couples two simple questions:

1. "What was the most romantic year of your life?"

Almost everyone responded by saying it was the year they first met or married their partner.

Next we asked...

2. "How many events, movies or songs... do you remember from that year?"

The results surprised all! After much thought most people could only recall a few things that happened during their memorable year - several couples could not remember a thing.

Then we pulled out research that we had compiled about their year and began reading it aloud. The looks of frustration quickly turned into big smiles and nods as each couple began to remember and relive their special time.

We knew we had a winner!

Over the next 16 months with the help of two editors and the expertise of the award winning graphic design firm Mongeau Bacon, Chen and Associates our keepsake books were finally ready to be published.

The positive response from our customers has been overwhelming. Over the past 10-years we have had the privilege of custom-printing tens-of-thousands of personalized keepsake books for our valued customers, family, and friends.

We are confident that you, too, will be delighted with your own personalized edition, which will become a treasured and intriguing family heirloom.

If you have any question or comments please contact us toll-free or by e-mail and a customer relations agent will be happy to help you.