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Looking For a Truly Special Gift For
Your Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa

"This beautiful keepsake book will bring back so many
precious memories...i
t will be cherished forever."

My Personal Memory Book was designed to trigger past
and make it fun and easy to record them.

Each book contains hundreds of "big moment" news events,
popular songs, radio/TV shows, movies, statistics, trivia, ads,
and more from the Year They Were Born to 201

Recalling events like these – year-by-year – helps the
mind remember and relive general periods in life. This is
because our memory works by associating, or linking,
one piece of information with another.

A Closer Look...

"My Personal Memory Book" is available for those born between 1922 and 1966.

Each book is personalized with the recipient's name and birth-date, along with a poem you choose or write, and a personal dedication from you.

The pages are printed on thick and luxurious paper and bound between beautifully illustrated, double-laminated hard covers.

Below is a sample book for 1922.

*BONUS: For a Limited Time Each Memory Book Also Includes:

#1. The Meaning of Their First Name

A name can say a lot about a person - such as who they are and how they project themselves.

This section includes a certificate, bound within the book, which includes the meaning of their name, origin, root, personality traits, and more.

#2. Events That Happened on Their BirthDAY

This section includes a certificate, bound within the book, which includes 25 historical events that happened throughout history on their special day.

#3. The Book of Me

This section contains paragraph after paragraph of fun, interesting and accurate data specific to the recipient and their birth date.

#4. Customizable Family Tree

This section includes a beautifully painted tree print, bound within the book, and 27 adhesive oval name labels to customize it.

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The Best Gift You Could Ever Give.

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Capture & Record Their Memories With
This Optional Add-on Section

As memories of childhod years, school years, teenage years, etc. come flooding back more than 200 thoughtful questions (and lines for answers) can be added to your book for an additional $2.99.

Here is a general look at how the questions are arranged:

Childhood Memories
My Parents
Elementary School Memories
My Grandparents
Teenage Memories
High School Memories
Where I've Lived
Love and Marriage
Parenthood and Family Life
Religion and Spirituality
My Memories
My Favorite Things
My Grandchildren
My Opinions
My Thoughts
My Hopes & Dreams

What some of our customers have said about
the keepsake books they have ordered

"I just would like to pass along how pleased I am with the exceptional quality of the books I have ordered. What Nostalgia has done would have taken me years. This is the one gift I can pass on to my family that we can consider an heirloom. Please keep up the great work. I know I will be coming back for more. Thank you" --Dan Sifeldeen

"I just received the book I ordered for my dad and I want to let you know how happy I am with the quality and how quickly it arrived. The entire package is absolutely stunning. I can't wait to give it to him. Thank you." -- Joyce

"I gave my mother "My Personal Memory Book" and what a gift it has been. It triggered emotions in my mother she has never expressed. We spent the entire weekend sharing memories. My sister visited today and we shared many laughs reminiscing about our childhood and teen years together. Thank you for producing such a treasure!!!" --Beth VanCamp

"I have been thinking about doing something like this with my parents for several years but all other "life story" journals I've seen contain only page-after-page of questions. But this book - going through each year of their life - makes it so easy & fun. It is a true family heirloom that I will always treasure and that will last for generations to come." --Thanks, Tiffany

"Dear Nostalgia Publishing, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My grandma is 87-years old, she has Alzheimer's and is living in a nursing home. My grandpa passed-away last year and whenever I visit her I never know what to say as I don't want to upset her. I gave her My Personal Memory Book on the weekend and I can't express to you how amazing this book truly is.

My grandma has always loved music soI started off by reading to her songs when she was a teenager and her face lit up. I couldn't believe how many songs she still remembered. She began humming and singing almost every one. Then I asked her what she most liked to do when she was a teenager? She told me how much she loved to skate and that grandpa loved to play hockey. She then covered her mouth and leaned forward to whisper in my ear "he wasn't very good at though." Oh we laughed and the rest of the afternoon went just like that.

The many hours spent reliving her life, talking about her answers and then writing them for her was the most rewarding time I have ever spent with her. This book is so worth the money! Yours truly, Jean

"You have an amazing product, I just received the book I ordered for Mother's Day and it's perfect! I can't wait to fill it out with her. I'm telling everyone I know about this amazing book." Thanks again, Rob

"I got this book for my mother-in-law and she loves it. The first day she had it, she spent almost the entire day writing. She's told all of her friends and they are now wanting the book for themselves and their parents who may still be living. What better way to tell someone you care than to let them know you want to know all about their lives and want your children to know as well, so it will never be forgotten how wonderful they are." -- Lori Ryswick

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My Grandma with My Personal Memory Book

Watch how happy and proud your loved one is
to share their life and memories with you.

This uniquely personal gift book expresses
to the recipient the elegant sentiment:

"Your life is important to me. I value where
you've been,
what you've done and who
you are
...please tell me more!"

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